naruto vs spriggan 12

And there is no reason for him to not have spam KCM clones when he has done so before. 1; 2; Primero Ant 2 de 2 Ir a la página. I don't know what u're thinking but, i never compared leo's statement to the comments on these thread. Because he’s not going to know to do that. Fairy Tail 458 see’s Erza vs Azir as we go on ahead to see Erza use her abilities which were… Brandish μ . Naruto may cheese a win in R1 with a BB spam, but loses R2 for sure. If so, timestop is meaningless if they can't actually bypass his insane durability. Nov 24, 2016 - Explore Freesia's board "Spriggan 12" on Pinterest. Konoha 11 + Sasuke vs The Spriggan 12 (Naruto) vs (Fairy Tail) Battle. Everyone within Fairy Tail are in great trouble after most members are crazy powerful having the power to… Seriously? “So whether they can stop time, freeze the area, or shrink won't matter if he blitz' them all with his clones that would also probably start out in BM as he has shown he can do it.”. I already addressed this. How does Rinne-Sharingan Juubi Madara interact with your Favorite Verse. Just because all she cut was clothes doesn’t mean that’s the only thing she can cut. 26:04. Aside from that he should handle R1 pretty easily. Because she matched Kagura, who cut nearly an entire town in half a year prior. "Everyone this is the newest addition to the Spriggan 12. Dimaria time freezes, Candish shrinks and Larcade just induces horniness for Hinata, Pfft Like biju bomb is gon do anything against time freeze, lol, Sprigan haxes him to death on both rounds. There's chronokinesis, high-level empath/sensation control, spatial control, high ability mimic, and so much more. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. TBB spam lol, really man to people even come up with decent fights anymore unless the sprigan all sit still in 1 area how is this suppose to work even the trash alliance of fodders manage to do soemthing against the 10 tail TBB. LOL. @rabii99: Naruto need to make certain gestures to fire off a bijudama. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Close. Ir. He also wears simple pair of boots that reaches below hi… ! Posts about Fairy Tail vs Spriggan 12 written by Sunite. The Rasengan’s get either frozen, shrunken, or BFR’d away with all the clones. @infinitesession: “Bruh this version is faster than kcm1 so how or why would he not be able to blitz them before they can react especially since in his regular sage mode he was able to send out a rasenshuriken in about a second.”. He is dressed in fanciful white robe with blue long sleeves, a blue belt and blue pants. @raziel2014: Don't mind them. @el_directo_: Very well then, if time-stop is in-character for Zeref/Dimaria to start with then they should win. Just so we're clear on the teams, we're looking at: Naruto, Hinata, Neji, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Sakura, Shino, Kiba, Lee, Tenten AND Sasuke. Do see why he couldn't just make this bigger and game.... @ultimatesage: it’s a mini of unknown destructive capability in comparison to an actual beast bomb, naruto isn’t just going for the kill off the bat. They all turn and look at me. Only real threat is august, zeref would get smashed. Fairy Tail 455 see's the dilemma which Fairy Tail is in against the Spriggan 12 as it seems that they all invade all at once from all sides, while already having invaded the barrier created by Freed. Dimaria Yesta. Spriggan 12 2 Like Favorite Download. All that had that got beat by people with no had... Don't wank the spriggan they got beat by people considered fodder to naruto. So there is no reason to have them in BM as well and start to blitz the hell out of the spriggan. •Manga and anime feats can be used for both sides. Son of the ten suns naruto si sufficient velocity madara uchiha and fairy tail crossover fanfiction madara uchiha naruto vs the spriggan 12 fairy tail battles ic vine história a jornada de naruto uzumaki escrita por otsutsukikarma spirit fanfics e histórias naruto all 10 rinnegan users ranked cbr. WhiteKnight344. Naruto vs Spriggan 12. Gray learned the ways of Ice Make magic from his mentor, Ur, and he has … The season follows Naruto Uzumaki controlling the power of the Nine-Tails at the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War, episodes 257 to 260 being a recap of the events of the Part I storyline. Itachi is the god of illusions, before Larcade even attempts to use his magic Itachi would already have put him under his genjutsu. 7 years ago | 8.5K views. Printable View. @ultimatesage: when has he ever opened up with that on humans? But he does blitz and takes out everyone which gives him the win for round 1. He didn’t against the Third Raikage and he didn’t against Obito and his Paths, when those would have been great opportunities to do so. @el_directo_: Sooo you just completely forget the statements Leo said for ichigo against zeref but this is somehow whack in comparison? @thevivas: Bruh this version is faster than kcm1 so how or why would he not be able to blitz them before they can react especially since in his regular sage mode he was able to send out a rasenshuriken in about a second. Do you know how fast the Spriggan are? !, Naruto has found the key to defeating his darker half, but now he must face his toughest challenge yet: defeating the …

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